SmartFunding has in place the following arrangements to protect Investors:

Escrow Account

  • We have partnered with Vistra and created an Escrow account for monies transferred by our Investors and Borrowers. If SmartFunding must cease its operations, monies held in the Escrow account will not be liable to payments owed by SmartFunding. This also ensures that deposits made by Investors to their Investor Wallet (that are not yet invested) would be returned to them.

Backup Provider

  • We have in place a Backup Service Arrangement Agreement with a service provider which, in the event of SmartFunding’s bankruptcy, will take over SmartFunding’s roles and obligations, including :

(a) facilitating of payments between our Investors and Borrowers;

(b) initiating debt collection from Borrowers who have defaulted;

(c) facilitating investor’s instruction for the withdrawal of funds from the Escrow Account.

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