At SmartFunding, we employ both quantitative and qualitative analysis to assess the Borrower’s ability to fulfill debt obligations.

The scope of our credit assessment and due diligence typically include:

  1. Financial analysis on the Borrower’s financials, with an emphasis on the Borrower’s capability to generate cash flow and their existing debt obligations;
  2. Site visits for physical verification of the Borrower’s business;
  3. Interviewing the Borrower and its management to understand the purpose of borrowing and assessing the viability of their business plan;
  4. Conducting credit bureau checks on the Borrower and their shareholders/directors/guarantors to understand their credit history and repayment record, as well as whether there are any outstanding litigations; and
  5. KYC and AML checks on the Borrower and their shareholders/directors/guarantors.

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