Investors residing outside of Singapore are able to invest on our platform, subject to certain country restrictions and the requirement to provide sufficient documentation for identity verification purposes. When making a bank transfer to SmartFunding’s bank account, please note the following:

  • Deposit of Funds
    The Investor has to bear all the transaction fees, including any charges that SmartFunding’s bank may impose. Also, check beforehand what the expected cost of the transfer is as some banks might charge higher fees.
  • Denomination
    The money that arrives on SmartFunding’s bank account must be denominated in the Singaporean Dollar and has to be at least S$1,000 or a higher amount in full hundreds (e.g. S$5,000/S$5,500/S$10,200 and NOT amounts like S$5,340/S$7,234 etc.).
  • Withdrawal of Funds
    You can withdraw uninvested money from your Investor Wallet anytime with a notice of up to 2 working days (after which we will initiate the transfer). Please note, that all fees for transactions to a foreign bank account will be borne by the Investor. We will transfer the amount in SGD and advise our bank to charge all relevant fees to the Investor’s account.
  • Currency exchange rate risk
    Please be aware that for all transactions we will use the current exchange rate as charged by our bank. All currency exchange rate risk will be borne by the Investor. Hence, it is possible that the currency exchange rate will change to your disadvantage. In addition, all bank charges for international transfers will be borne by Investors. We recommend our Investors to check with their bank on the approximate cost of such a transfer to avoid any surprises.

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